SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the means to improve website availability and accessibility in the various search engines in the World Wide Web via unpaid search results. In order to increase the search result list of the website, it has to be on the upper or earlier pages. As such, keeping the website “on top” is the main goal of the SEO. This would, in turn, result to more site visits or web presence thereby increasing the business’ potential customers and ensure profit growth.

White Hat

We at Local Focus use the correct and acceptable or ‘White Hat‘ methods for optimizing your site. We do not perform any activities that will get your site blacklisted, banned or penalized on Google or any of the other major search engines. In addition we do not use cloaking, doorway pages, micro sites, keyword stuffing, hidden text, external landing pages, link farms, temporary bought links or black hat techniques of any kind.

As a result, we were one of the only SEO Firms in the world that had 0 negative effected results for its clients, following the Panda update (one of the biggest changes in Google Algorithm in the History of Google, the change took effect Feb-Mar 2011 and changed almost 20% of Google results to improve the quality of search for their clients).



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